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What is NexMoney || NexMoney Business Plan

Friends, NexMoney is something you have probably heard of. However, it could also be that NexMoney is something you don’t know much about.

So today, I’m keeping almost all of the key points in mind.

You can help people solve their confusion by asking them questions.

Today’s blog post will explain what NexMoney is and how you can make money with the money business.

What is nexmoney? How to join it, is this a fake company or real?, how do you join more people in it, and how to set your ID in Nexmoney.

You will find many other questions answered, such as how to upgrade, KYC and where to download the new PDF plan.

What is Nexmoney?

NexMoney Business, a master app that uses Affiliate Marketing, works in both B2B as well as B2C systems.

This is a Govt Approved India Company company that was launched in 2017. It gives you the chance to make money while saving on all your expenses.

Nexmoney app allows you to save money on your mobile recharge while sitting at home for many services such as DTH recharge, Datacard, insurance premium, and electricity bill.

Digital India is the vision of who has the vision to reduce unemployment

Online shopping is a big topic. The top 25 companies that are associated with it include Flipkart and Amazon as well as Jabong, Myntra, and Paytm Mall.

There are many online shops that you can shop from to purchase your favorite items.

Although almost everyone does the above work, there is no advantage to using the NexMoney app for all of these tasks. You can lot of money from this app.

How to download Nexmoney app?

It is available for download at the following link or directly from Google Play Store by entering nexmoney wallet.

Nexmoney company Details?

NexMoney, a Pune-based IT company called NexGen Inventive Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. is to learn more about the company’s history.

You can search Google, or visit their website to read the entire article.

What are the benefits of joining NexMoney

Nex Money has the first benefit of being a member. You can do any online recharges or mobile shopping through it.

You will receive cashback guaranteed and will save between 6-8 thousand rupees per year.

Refer this app to someone, and he will join it, upgrade his ID, and become a prime member.

You will then receive Rs 273 for every prime member. Referring can help you earn up to 178 crores.

The next question will explain how it works.

Within a matter of minutes, this company will deposit your hard-earned money into your wallet.

You can make a transfer to your bank account at any time you like. See the next answer

How you can make money depending on your level

This gives you 20% in income at the first level, which isn’t possible with other companies.

This company will distribute 90 percent of your hard-earned money, while other network companies will only distribute 40-50 percent.

This gives you a royalty on a team of 15 people, which isn’t possible in other companies.

This will give you 100% business count. You can also earn income running single leg. It has an auto binary system, and you can make a maximum of 1 lakh per hour from the auto binary.

These and many other benefits are just a few.


This means that we don’t need to force or change anyone’s habits, nor sell or buy any goods.

Every person can shop online for free, just as he did before. He will also shop through nexmoney.


What is NexMoney’s business plan?

nexmoney business plan pdf is not available But You can read the article to understand nexmoney business plan 


It is important to understand the concept of Nexmoney’s business plan. The Nexmoney business model is based on B2B models

It earns its income through B2C models and gives it to its customers.

It provides very high income to its users to help increase their user base. This is done by emphasizing direct selling.

Network marketing is what we call networking in common.

This question and answer will provide information on how to make a good living from it. Please read and comprehend it.

Before we can learn how to make money with Nex Money, friends, let’s find out what NexMoney income plan is.

Nex Money: How to make money.

It offers 8 income plans. This means that you can make money in 8 different ways. Let’s take a look at the seven income steps.

1. Register Income, i.e. Sign-Up Reward.

Sign up for your first time by entering the Referral User ID (up-line) and upgrading your ID starting at Rs.1770. To be eligible for prime membership

As a reward point, you’ll receive Rs.1500 immediately in your Reward Point wallet. It can be used in your purchase, or when you recharge.

2. Referral income

Referral income is when you tell a friend about your referral link and they sign up with you. This is the source of referral income. Similarly,

If you tell Nexmoney to others and they sign up, the company will give you Rs 274 as a reward for signing up.

Your downline can join someone below you for Rs 274 and you get Rs 27 per joining.


Let’s now find out what the referral income plan is.

This is why it’s important to understand that every person who joins the company with your ID gets 274 rupees.

You get Level-1 when the five people you are with are 5-5. You can join other people to get Level-2. Once you have 25 people in your team, your income increases by 750 rupees.

The following level will help you understand the potential earnings from Nexmoney. After this, you will be able to earn by saving your money.

You can earn 178 crores if you include your expenses and team royalty income.

3. Team Royalty Income

NexMoney Prime Members will have access to referral income and cash back, as well as team royalties.

How do I join Nex Money?

Follow these steps to join Nex Money.

1.1 Download the app

1.2 Click here to Sign Up

1.3 Enter the referral code for the person who sent the link to you.

1.4 Type your name (use the same name that you used to sign the bank account).

1.5 Enter your mobile number.

1.6 Enter your mobile number.

1.7 Enter your email id.

1.8 Create a User ID.

1.9 Type your password twice

1.10 Click on “I accept” and then click on “Sign up”.

You will receive an OTP number on your mobile phone. Once you confirm it by entering it into the box, NexMoney will join you.

You can then confirm your login by entering your username and password.

How do I apply for ID in Nexmoney?

Once you have downloaded the app to your phone, you can then follow the steps as previously mentioned.

How to set an id in Nexmoney? This means you are joining other people in your network, or if this is the first time you use this app, then you are joining someone else’s.

Network as a Down Line means There is only one way to join it. Then you can follow the steps that have been described above.

How do you upgrade KYC in Nex Money

Open Nexmoney and look carefully at the 3 lines in the upper left corner. Click on them to update KYC.

A menu list will appear in front of your eyes. After that, you will see the fourth number. However, you will also find Update Your KYC written.

Click on it to upload your document as needed.

How do I add money to NexMoney wallet

Follow these steps to add money to NexMoney Wallet.

1. Click the Wallet button.

2. Once the wallet has been opened, click on Add Money.

3. Click on Add Money to enter the amount.

4. You will now see 3-4 options. Click on ICICI Pay.

5. You can now pay with any option you choose.

Is Nexmoney a real or fake company? How to verify its legality.


The company’s document, which can be found on the website, will let you know if it is genuine or fake.

To my knowledge, the documents of any company can only verify the legitimacy of a company’s legality.

Don’t join until you feel satisfied. I will not press you.

so we can not say that it is legit,  legal, or not.

So this is the complete blog about nexmoney hope you like this blog.











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