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Drishyam 2 is an Indian Malayalam-language drama-thriller film that was directed and written by Jeethu Joe. It is produced by Antony Perumbavoor through Aashirvad Cinemas. The story is set six years after the events in Drishyam.

When production of his other film RAM was halted due to COVID-19, Jeethu wrote the script. Following a formal announcement on Mohanlal’s 60th birthday on 21 May 2020,
was completed on 6 November 2020. The principal photography was done in accordance with safety precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
The film was shot in and around Thodupuzha at the same locations as Drishyam and in some scenes in Kochi. Anil John composed the music and score. Satheesh did the cinematography, and V. S. Vinayak supervised the editing.

Although the original plan was to release the film theatrically, the producers decided to stream the film via the streaming service Amazon Prime Video. The film was released worldwide on February 19, 2021, to wide critical acclaim.

Drishyam 2 Movie Story:-

Jose George, a prisoner accused of murdering his brother-in-law, is on the run. He hides behind an abandoned police station and sees Georgekutty emerge from it. After apologizing to his wife, he is eventually arrested by police.

Six years later, Georgekutty and Rani, Anju, Anu, and Anu live a better life. Georgekutty, now a successful businessman and owner of a cinema theatre, longs to make his own film, despite the reservations of his family. Vinayachandran is his screenwriter and he keeps in touch with him. Anju suffers from recurring episodes of epilepsy. She also has PTSD as a result of her fear of being arrested for her involvement in Varun Prabhakar’s murder. Rani was so upset by the family’s wealth that villagers started spreading rumors about Anju’s “venereal connections” with Varun. Rani is dependent on her friend Saritha, a government clerk who is often abused and abused by Sabu, her husband.

In their inability to unravel the truth about Varun’s case, the Kerala Police was humiliated. Georgekutty meets Varun’s father, Mr. Prabhakar. He begs him to reveal the location of Varun’s remains. Anu returns home from spring break, and invites her friends to a party at her house, despite Rani’s objections. Rani is more open to Saritha and keeps Georgekutty away from her worries. Rani also inadvertently reveals the truth about Varun’s family’s involvement in Varun’s murder. Unbeknownst, Saritha is actually married to Sabu, an undercover cop assigned by IG Thomas Basti, a close friend of Geetha.

Jose is freed from prison. He is able to seek employment after making amends with his family. He learns that Georgekutty is still being investigated. However, he recalls Georgekutty’s presence in the under-construction police station. He realizes that Georgekutty was actually complicit in the murder and tips Bastin. Bastin later summons Geetha from the U.S.A. After the trio bribes Georgekutty with a sum of Rs. Jose tells Georgekutty that Georgekutty was present at the unfinished police station on August 3rd. Jose’s revelations prompt the authorities to raid the station and eventually find a human skull. Georgekutty, who had his CCTV camera set up around the police stations, saw the events and decided to give up.

Bastin, Geetha, and Prabhakar, armed with the discovery of human remains, summon Georgekutty’s relatives for an informal investigation. Georgekutty and Rani, Anu, Anju, and Anju all manage to keep their alibi. Geetha however, reveals a voice recording of Rani’s confession to Saritha. The police had hacked the family home earlier. Geetha exposes the family and then questions Anju. This causes Anju to have another epileptic fit. Georgekutty, distraught, falsely confesses that he was responsible for Varun’s death. The police release Georgekutty and his family. But Geetha demands that Georgekutty’s entire family be punished.

Georgekutty is later charged with Varun’s murder. Vinayachandaran visits Bastin, Geetha, and Prabhakar after learning about Georgekutty’s arrest. He tells him that Georgekutty had written a script for a future thriller about crime, loosely inspired by Varun’s death, during his business dealings. He also reveals that Georgekutty published a novel titled Drishyam based on the film script. However, it was published under Vinayachandran, to protect copyright. After being informed by Georgekutty that he had pleaded not guilty, the quartet was told that his legal defense had stated that he had been framed and that the authorities had “misused” Drishyam’s plot to incriminate him. Bastin discovers that Georgekutty’s confession to the crime matches Drishyam’s plot. Bastin concludes that Georgekutty created the novel as well as the confession in an attempt to avoid legal punishment. Surprisingly, the DNA tests on the skeleton showed that it does not match Varun’s DNA.

Vinayachandran, stunned, reveals that Georgekutty had created an alternate ending for his movie. In which Georgekutty, the hero, would obtain the remains of another person, of the same age and sex, in order to avoid legal punishment. He did this by becoming friends with the gravedigger at the cemetery where the body was interred. Under the pretense of getting a job in the film industry, the hero would keep the skeletal remains he had obtained from the cemetery for almost three years and make friends with a security guard at the local medical college morgue. After bribing the security guard with drinks, he would transfer the body to the morgue on the night that the remains from the police station arrived. This was just before the day of DNA analysis.

Georgekutty is released without any physical evidence. Georgekutty’s lawyer asks the Judge to direct the State Police to not proceed against Georgekutty or his family as they approach the High Court of Kerala in an effort to halt all proceedings against them regarding the “so-called crime.” The Judge summons IG Bastin into his chambers. He tells Prabhakar and Georgekutty that they both deserve justice, but that the legal system is unable to provide it. Bastin is also ordered to stop all investigations into Varun’s case because unsolved cases do not belong to the new system.

Vinayachandran, outside the courthouse, reveals to Geetha & Prabhakar the alternate climax to Georgekutty’s story had a tail: the hero would give the remains of the villain to his parents. Georgekutty also anonymously gives Varun’s cremated remains skeletally to Geetha & Prabhakar.

Prabhakar submerges Varun’s ashes in the river. Bastin convinces Geetha that she can let go of her enmity toward Georgekutty. He says that they won’t be able to punish
Georgekutty is fulfilling his promise to his family. Bastin states that Georgekutty’s death is his punishment. This is because the latter must continue to work hard in order
to protect his family from the watchful eyes of the authorities. Georgekutty, watching from afar, left the scene and sighed.
Drishyam 2. Mohanlal as well as Meena star in Drishyam The Resumption was released through Amazon Prime Video.
The film was directed by Jeethu Joseph It was one of the most desired Malayalam films in the past year.
Although the film was ready to release in 2013 the filmmakers had to hold off its release due to the threat of coronavirus within the state.
The film, an update to Mohanlal’s 2013 blockbuster Drishyam starts at the point where the original film ended. Unfortunately, Drishyam 2 is available for free HD downloading
from piracy websites like Tamilrockers and Telegram along with other sites.

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We all know that Drishyam 2. is the second installment of Drishyam. However, the plot of the movie begins six years after the original film.
Stars from the South such as Mohanlal, Meena, Ansiba Hassan, Esther Anil will be featured as part of Drishyam 2..

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